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Chat is a kind of communication over the Internet that offers a transmission of text messages between employees. You can chat with your colleagues by clicking on the chat icon.


The TaskBrowse chat features:

  • Ensuring employees see a sent message, they will receive a notification.
  • Online status is displayed for employees to show when they are available to chat.
  • The number of unread messages will be shown.


  • TaskBrowse has chat rooms for every project and task so that you can talk with your teammates.
  • You can choose your contact by clicking on the marked icon (above image) and the related tab.


  • Transferring files is possible in TaskBrowse’s chat feature.
  • You can mention a specific user with “@“.
  • It is possible to search messages using the search icon.
  • The chat history is maintained.
  • You can view the time when a message was seen. (Image below)




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