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Easy Time Tracking

Time is our most important asset, and tracking time enables us to analyze how we use it. TaskBrowse online time tracking software has made managing and tracking time easy and enjoyable with its multiple features.

As the management guru Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

If you don’t measure, then how do you know how you are doing? How do you know if you are doing well? Or poorly?

So, in the first stage of time management, you need to track how you spend your time. Taskbrowse has made it easy for you to track your time.

Time Tracking & TaskBrowse

  • Define tasks.
  • Set the start time and due date for them.
  • Assign tasks to users.
  • Refer to taskbrowse’s timesheet (Taskbrowse lists tasks that have passed their start date in the timesheet to prevent forgetting.)
  • Enter the time spent on tasks manually or with a timer.
  • If the periods of doing tasks are essential to you, you can enter them with a timer or manually in the timesheet.
  • In Taskbrowse’s timesheet, you can record comments and attach files.

Managers are able to review the recorded timesheets

You can choose a manager for each user. In this way, when the users register their timesheets, timesheets are automatically sent to the managers so that they can approve, reject or return them to the users for correction.

Multiple reports for performance review and time management

After registering the timesheet, Taskbrowse prepares several reports. Just visit the reports section or management dashboard to evaluate the time spent on different activities.

If you are a manager, you can see the work report of your subordinates. But if you are not, you can see how you spent time in a specific period.

Reviewing these reports, you will get complete information that helps you manage your time better and increase productivity.

Comparison of attendance time and time spent doing actual work

Taskbrowse is equipped with Entry/Exit registration so your Employees can register their entry and exit from any confirmed location or IP. Taskbrowse can calculate their presence time in the organization and compare it with the time recorded in Employees’ timesheets to evaluate and improve people’s productivity.

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