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Get the most affordable solution for increasing productivity and performance in your projects and organization.

Apply annually and get a 20% discount.



In organizations and companies, there is no single project or task. Keep track of your project landscape with sophisticated multi-project and project portfolio management

TaskBrowse supports an unlimited number of portfolios, programs, and projects regardless of the license type.

Manage and track your tasks and operations in your organization even without defining a project. TaskBrowse is a task management software; meanwhile, it is a project management tool. 

Just pay for your active users. You do not need to worry about the loss of the information of your ex-users because of a limitation in the number of users on your license. When an employee leaves your company, you can archive their user and create a new user for your new employee without the need to buy a new license.

Prevent your employees from overscheduling through company-wide employee planning and time recording – across departments and projects.

Time recording and individual evaluation in an organization & project is the unique feature of TaskBrowse that enables you to guarantee your project’s effectiveness and have a firm basis for calculating the costs of every employee or project. 

Gantt Chart is the most prominent part of every Project Management Software. Gantt Chart enables you to have a visualized view of all tasks and deadlines.

Get informed about your projects and tasks daily wherever you are.

Create a holistic view of your work using the Calendar view of TaskBrowse. You can see all the tasks within a time frame.

Increase productivity, performance, and team focus using a unique Kanban Board of Taskbrowse that supports project tasks and multi-project portfolios in a single view.

Integrate TaskBrowse with Google Drive & Calendar and share your project files and scheduling with people out of your organization. 



Includes all Free plan features plus

Do not limit yourself to the ready reports and dashboards of TaskBrowse. Get maximum insight into your projects and organization by making what you wish with the most flexible dashboard and report builder.
Integrate the TaskBrowse application into your work process by exchanging ideas with your colleagues from the project or organization by chatting and commenting. You have all the communication tracks just in the right place.
You can have a backup or a recovery point from your data and restore it anytime you need. It helps you to have the process of trial and error and lets you continue your job in the best way you would find. 



Includes all Premium plan features plus

Goal-based project planning as implemented in the new ISO 21502. You can Bring transparency into your leadership and support of leadership through OKR – Objective Key Results


If you are a member of a charity organization or a Project Management Consultant, you can use our discounts. Please do not hesitate to contact us and talk about it.

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