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During a workday or at the end of it, employees must enter their working hours in the “Timesheet” section. If you have scheduled the day, the scheduled tasks will be displayed. Otherwise, the tasks must be selected from the top of the page.

For tracking your task duration, a timer can be used. You tap “Start” when you begin, and “Stop” when you are done. If you have a break, you can stop the timer and then restart it. If you do not want to use the timer, you can manually enter the time.

The system administrator sets a deadline for recording the timesheet. (At the top of the timesheet page you can see the deadline)

Use the arrow icon in front of each row of the timesheet to attach documents to each task and view or add time ranges.

Prioritize your tasks using drag and drop.

You can comment about your task using the green icon and go to the chat room using the red icon.

All over the system, the below icon gives you more information. Just click on it.

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