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Mein Taskboard

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The taskboard displays the status of your assigned tasks for better management. To use your taskboard better, you can study about Kanban method  Kanban – Definition und Prinzipien.

  • To-DO tasks
    After assigning a task to you, its status will be TO-DO because you have not entered time for it on the timesheet or daily schedule menu.
  • Doing tasks
    As soon as you enter time for a task on the timesheet or daily schedule, its status will be Doing.
  • Done tasks
    When you change the assignment status of a task to completed, its status will be Done.


Drag and drop your tasks to change their statuses.

Wenn Sie eine Aufgabe abschließend bearbeitet haben, erhält sie den Status Erledigt. Dazu wählen sie mit der Mouse die Aufgabe und ziehen sie per Drag & Drop in die Spalte “erledigte Aufgaben”.

Drag and drop your tasks to change their statuses.

TaskBoard Features

  • If you have the related permission, you can add a new task or edit your tasks. Add new tasks using the (+) button and edit them by clicking on their titles.
  • It is possible to register your timesheet or daily planning from the taskboard.
  • Taskboard allows you to attach files to your tasks.
  • You can comment on your tasks from the taskboard.
  • Go to chat rooms from taskboard.
  • Filter your tasks by their project using the filter icon.
  • If you have the related permission, you can view other users’ boards using the filter.
  • Assign a color to your tasks according to different criteria.
  • Click on (i) to get more information about your tasks.
  • The related project of each task is below its title, click on it and view the Gantt chart of the project.

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