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The taskboard displays the status of your assigned tasks for better management. To use your taskboard better, you can study about Kanban method.

  • To-DO tasks

After assigning a task to you, its status will be TO-DO because you have not entered time for it on the timesheet or daily schedule menu.

  • Doing tasks

As soon as you enter time for a task on the timesheet or daily schedule, its status will be Doing.

  • Done tasks

When you change the assignment status of a task to completed, its status will be Done.

Drag and drop your tasks to change their statuses.

TaskBoard Features

  • If you have the related permission, you can add a new task or edit your tasks. Add new tasks using the (+) button and edit them by clicking on their titles.
  • It is possible to register your timesheet or daily planning from the taskboard.
  • Taskboard allows you to attach files to your tasks.
  • You can comment on your tasks from the taskboard.
  • Go to chat rooms from taskboard.
  • Filter your tasks by their project using the filter icon.
  • If you have the related permission, you can view other users’ boards using the filter.
  • Assign a color to your tasks according to different criteria.
  • Click on (i) to get more information about your tasks.
  • The related project of each task is below its title, click on it and view the Gantt chart of the project.







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