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To better visualize the scheduling of the organization’s ongoing projects, the Project Overview feature has been added to TaskBrowse. The Project Overview is a visualization tool that displays project schedules in a Gantt-like chart. This tool makes it easier than ever to track project progress.

To use the Project Overview, simply click on “Projects” in the TaskBrowse menu and select the “Project Panorama” submenu. In this view, some of the organization’s ongoing projects are displayed by default. Using the filter option, you can choose which projects are shown in the chart.

In the Project Panorama, the percentage of project completion is also displayed. By clicking on the project name in the chart, you are taken to the tabular view of the project’s tasks.

In this view, the start and due dates of the projects are determined based on their sub-tasks. If the tasks do not have start and due dates, their creation dates will be used. However, if start and due dates have been specified for the project itself, these dates will be displayed in the Panorama.

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