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Projects Progress Report

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Projects Progress Report

To know this report, you should first get familiar with tasks’ progress because the progress of a project is calculated based on its tasks.

Tasks’ progress report

Percent Completed

By defining Initial Estimated Workload for a task and then recording the time on that task in the timesheet section, the percent completed of the task will be calculated by dividing the total actual time by the Initial Estimated Workload.

Planned Percent Completed

The Planned Percent Completed of a task will be calculated if the task has a start date and due date. To calculate the Planned Percent Completed number of passed days from the start day is divided by the whole days this task takes.

Projects’ progress report

The percent completed of a project is calculated by the weighted mean of its tasks, and the Current Estimated Workload of its tasks is their weight. You can find this report in the reports menu, all reports, and Projects & Activities Reports. By clicking on the project’s title, you can see its tasks’ progress.

Enter the percent completed manually.

You can enter the percent completed manually in the edit task section:

In the time tab, tick the enter percent completed manually option.




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