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TaskBrowse update February 2024

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At TaskBrowse, we consistently value the feedback of our customers and take their requests and suggestions into account during the development of TaskBrowse project management software. Please continue reading to learn about the TaskBrowse changes in the February update and feel free to share your constructive suggestions with us.

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The possibility of archiving tasks

Previously, it was possible to archive projects in TaskBrowse. To do this, simply navigate to the projects menu and archive its status in the project’s editing section. This action ensures that the project is no longer displayed by default in the projects table, and its subcategory tasks are likewise hidden by default in various sections, including the tasks table.

Now, the option to archive tasks has been provided. The task manager or any user with editing permissions for tasks can change the status of a task to “archived,” causing the task to no longer appear in the task table or other areas such as the taskboard. You can archive tasks from the task editing and status change section.

To check which tasks have been archived, you can utilize the filter function in the task table and select “archived” as the status filter.

Notice that:

  • You cannot edit archived tasks.
  • The progress percentage of archived tasks is 100%.
  • If you archive a recurring task, its recurrences will be deleted from team members’ schedules.

The possibility of adding color or images to the background

To add an image to the background or change the color, click on the profile picture at the top of the system and choose your favorite option.

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