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Elevating Human Resource Ethics Through Transparency and Time Tracking

I do believe that one of the most crucial aspects of management is considering the nature of humans. About 20 years ago, I joined a course on human resource management. It emphasized having good behavior with people within an organization, treating them respectfully, and satisfying their different mental, emotional, and life needs. It seemed very humanistic and mature. The lecturer added, “But for what?” We students replied, “Because of respect for humans.” The lecturer responded, “No, because of the company’s benefit.”

For me, that was a frustrating moment. I believe that the instincts of humans are respectful and are vital in any relationship, regardless of the situation. It is true that if we pay attention to this subject in our company, we would be profitable too. However, I have never wanted to sacrifice the excellence of humans for the sake of the company’s profit.

If we look at PMCDF (Project Management Competency Development Framework), there is a special notice of the personal attitudes of a project manager. Attitudes such as adaptability and flexibility are among the required personal attitudes for the success of the project. What does flexibility mean here? Does it mean that you must change if conditions change? So, what about the essential pillars of morality that we believe in?

More questions remain open. Why is an attitude such as honesty not included? And more importantly, why do we not perform projects to leverage the morality of human resources, even as a side project objective?

How Can TaskBrowse Help Human Resource Ethics?

I believe that TaskBrowse can help. How? By daily scheduling and timesheet (time tracking) of people in the company. When we ask everyone to log their daily activities, we make every effort very transparent to others. In the first step, it provides short and effective feedback to individuals, so they can see what they have done during the day. At the end of a working day, if someone points out the amount of time we have wasted, it would not be very pleasurable, and we might hate the person pointing it out. However, if we realize it ourselves, it would be more constructive and awareness-creating.

In the next step, a timesheet creates a robust memory for managers. We are human and have a very short-term memory influenced by our emotions. As a manager, when calculating rewards and bonuses at the end of the month, if we rely on our memory, we can only remember events from the last five days and tend to recall only the bad behavior of our employees over a longer period. We are also influenced by flattery more than by those who speak honestly but harshly, or those who have lesser communication skills. A timesheet report provides records of our employees’ performance without the drawbacks of human mistakes and is non-judgmental.

In this way, TaskBrowse can raise the level of morality and improve the ethical standards of human resources. We will feel calmer in a moral working environment. Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of TaskBrowse?! Arrange a demo!

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