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TaskBrowse Benefits For Engineering Companies

Challenges of Engineering Companies

  • Managing time
  • Planning
  • Task assignment 
  • Timely identification of problems
  • Communication
  • Determining reasonable deadlines

How does TaskBrowse help engineering companies?

The clarity in task assignment

Defining projects and tasks on TaskBrowse and assigning tasks to different people brings transparency to task assignment and keeps people accountable. In addition, TaskBrowse's various reports and charts provide managers with an accurate assessment of employee performance so they can assign the right tasks to the right people and increase productivity in their organization.

Learn from experience

This is one of the principles of PRINCE2 project management. When starting a project, previous or similar projects should be reviewed to see if lessons learned can be applied. By attaching the necessary documents to TaskBrowse and reviewing the reports, you can review completed projects and use them to succeed in future projects.

Tracking project

To this end, TaskBrowse has several features such as the Project Progress Report. This report provides project managers with a summary of the project status, allowing them to plan better.

Effective communication

Online team discussions and chats in TaskBrowse improve communication and build teamwork across an organization. It also reduces awkward encounters by automatically sending important notifications to relevant parties.

Better decision making

TaskBrowse helps you make better decisions by providing useful information about the project, tasks, and team members.

Beneficial reports

Various reports are just a click away in TaskBrowse.

Improve time management skills

By tracking your time, you can see exactly where your time is going so you can reduce time spent on lower-value tasks and increase productivity.

Improve task management skills

Kanban is a way to manage a workflow that helps you visualize your work and maximize productivity. The TaskBrowse board has three columns: To-do, Doing, and Done, which display the status of your tasks for better management.