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For Freelancers

TaskBrowse For Freelancers

In addition to organizations and teams, project management knowledge and tools are beneficial for some people:

  • Freelancers:

A freelancer is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

  • Faculty members of universities and researchers:

Faculty members and researchers also usually perform various activities such as conducting research projects, writing books, holding educational workshops, and teaching. Most of these are project in nature.

  • Experts who value their time:

Even though these people are not under the pressure of their organization, they want to manage their time.

Challenges of Freelancers in Time Management

  • Lack of control over how to spend time results in wasting time by time thieves.
  • Improper planning of current works, so breaking promises regarding the delivery date of the subsequent work.
  • Failure to track the time spent on the work results in errors in estimating the cost and time of the work.
  • The lack of a clear plan makes it impossible to make timely and correct decisions when unforeseen events occur.

How do freelancers benefit from TaskBrowse?

Defining Projects and Tasks

A mutual recommendation among all time management methods is to make a written list of things you need to do. By doing this, your mind will focus on the written tasks and be free from remembering what to do. It has been proven that when you write down your tasks, the chances of doing them will be many times higher than before.


Making a daily to-do list is a remarkable change for many people, but for experts and professionals, it is not enough. They usually need to plan their activities for the next few days.
When you plan your tasks for the next few days, you also provide the arrangements to get things done. With this planning, you have a clear picture of your workload; Therefore, you will promise more realistically and define your priorities more consciously.

Time Tracking

In the next stage of time management, it is necessary to determine how much time is spent on each task. Recording time has many effects. First, when you want to record time, you will be more sensitive to the passage of time, and your focus on doing the planned activities will be higher. Second, your accuracy in estimating the time to do things will gradually increase. Therefore you will prepare more realistic plans. TaskBrowse has the ability to set a timer to measure the time spent on doing each task. The main goal of time management is not to increase our daily working hours; Rather, the goal is to identify and reduce our useless hours and spend our time on tasks which higher priority.

Performance analysis

TaskBrowse dashboard charts display your time spent on what kind of work. This awareness can change your priorities. Sometimes a freelancer or a researcher has a cooperation contract with an employer, and it is necessary to measure and control the spent time to fulfill the contract. Sometimes the agreement with the employer is such that the time spent doing the work is the basis for calculating the salary.

Save files, ideas and tips

When ideas and tips come to your mind while doing a project and tasks, Taskbrowse enables you to write down and save them. Attaching required documents is also possible in TaskBrowse.