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System Settings

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Below the welcome section, you can find a small icon in the form of a gear, which is used for system settings, and we will explain this section.


Time Tracking

Default number of tasks in daily schedule

The default value, which is shown on a daily schedule, is 100, but it is possible to increase it.

Plan lock time

This item is used to determine a deadline by which schedule should be completed, and the default value of it is 11 a.m.

Timesheet lock time

This item is used to determine a deadline by which recording timesheet is allowed, and its default value is 24 hours or a day.

Maximum hours per timesheet

In this section you can limit the working hours to a certain amount of time. Its default value is 24.

Planning Period

In this section, you can determine how many days the users can plan for.

Auto approval time (For timesheets of users with no manager)

Setting up the ‘ Auto Approve time ‘ allows you to automate the Timesheet approval process. The system will automatically approve the timesheets of users (with no manager) after 72 hours. It is possible to change it.

Valid non- working time per day (hours)

It shows that how many non-working hours are allowed during a day.

Project is mandatory in tasks

Enabling this option will make the project selection field mandatory in the task definition.

Show just Approved Timesheets in Dashboard

By enabling this option, only approved timesheets will display in the dashboard.

Default daily available time for each user

For the workload chart, you should determine the Daily Available Time in the Manage Users section; Otherwise, the system will consider this number. Its default value is 7.33 hours.

General settings

Keep session alive

The length of inactivity period that results in an automatic logout is defined 30 minutes. However, you can select “keep session alive” option.



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