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Time tracking & Timesheet for dummies

At the end of a working day, if you question a manager of a company or organization about what has happened in her organization and how much time has been consumed for what stuff, she may look at letters and reports and she may ask for some information from her colleagues and finally she will provide an imprecise abstract report to you.

If the number of performed tasks in that day is too much, she does not know whether the consumed time has been spent on the task is logical or not. Moreover, if you question her at the end of the week, month, and year and even after years, she neither can provide a precise answer nor talk about productivity and efficiency of the performed work.

When we cannot measure something, we cannot manage it; hence, when we do not measure the consumed time in our organization, tasks will be assigned to human resource mistakenly. If someone is efficient and productive at doing one specific task, we assign him more tasks and projects and we reduce his efficiency unintentionally. Afterward, we start nagging about the fact that he is not the same efficient person anymore. On the other hand, we kill his self-esteem and motivation and we forget that we have been the main cause of his dissatisfaction because we have assigned so many tasks and projects to him. The bad news is that we have not tracked and measured the various tasks that we have assigned to him, we are just dissatisfied with his delays and low performance.

Sometimes, we have consumed a lot of time for a specific customer meanwhile she complains that we have done nothing for her project and we do not have any compelling work reports to prove our claim. In this case, we cannot invoice her for the really performed work and spent time.

“taskbrowse” is here to provide an answer to the mentioned questions. “taskbrowse” is an easy online time tracking and project management tool and the closest path for invoicing our customers.


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