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Live your life on purpose

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Live your life on purpose

Brian Tracy

He is right. But, how?

For sure, you have a goal in your life and you do your best to achieve it, but in what way your effort will pay off?

I know you have a list in your mind:

  • Get up early
  • Exercise
  • Study very hard
  • Work very hard etc.

But they are not enough. You can always get up at the crack of dawn to get more time but kill all of it. So it does not make a change and you just lost more time. What is important is how you spend your time.

What I am saying is that all of us have some habits which all waste our time and they are not worth spending our time on them because they do not help us get to be the person we have always wanted.

For example, when we watch TV, check our phone or something like that, we are not on the way to achieving our goals and we should not let these activities get in the way. So for our goals, we should make some sacrifices and give up some habits.

Just think about this: what is your life? Your life is nothing more than your time. So be careful how you use it.

Live your life on goal

We extremely recommend tracking your time for a week. Then

  • Write down a list of your activities.
  • Check which one helps you achieve your goal.
  • And then try to cross out the useless activities on your to-do list.

We wish would help you in this way. Try it for free!

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