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What is a timesheet?

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A timesheet is a method for recording and tracking the amount of time that is spent on specific activities or projects or for specific clients by each employee. Timesheets can be recorded on paper or stored in a Microsoft Excel file. We recommend neither Excel (Read why?) nor paper.

Filling out the timesheet is not lovely work to do. This is the reason for producing a lot of timesheet software by which timesheets can be filled out with only some clicks. SaaS timesheet software is the best because just an internet connection is enough to let you and your employees fill out timesheets from wherever you are, with any device, such as a phone or laptop.

Applications of timesheet software

In the past, timesheet was only used to help the payment system. But today is different. Timesheet software serves many purposes:

  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Assign activities effectively
  • Bill the customers accurately
  • Evaluate employees’ effectiveness and etc.
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Employees don’t like to fill out timesheets

But to be honest, you may give your employees a hard time by forcing them to fill out a timesheet. Just imagine an employee who has been tied up during the day and has gotten behind with her tasks and in the meanwhile, you ask her bossily to fill out her timesheet. In this way, you get off on the wrong foot, and without any progress, everything just goes from bad to worse.

So you should not speak to them in a way that they think you look down on them! For example, you can tell them you will fill out a timesheet as well as others. Furthermore, the timesheet software will benefit employees too, because it enables managers to recognize the employees who deserve to be recognized timesheet software d and the employees who need training. And remember you use timesheet software because you know the value of your time and your human resources and you want to make the most of them, so do not use it to punish your employees.

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