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Do you know the beneficial effects of time management on your workplace and your life?

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You have already known how much time management is important, and maybe you are tired of hearing it. But, if you are in doubt, check this.

Why is time management so important?

Good time management:

Improves the quality of life because it reduces your level of stress. I mean without being overwhelmed by the large volume of work, you feel better. It also frees time for you to do some enjoyable work, like Hanging out with your friends and meeting your family. Maybe you have always wanted to do something, but you have never had enough time for it, by managing your time, you can do it. Manage your time so that it is not necessary to work all day. In addition, successful time management contributes to:

• Catching up with your competitors.
• Being successful in your personal life.
• Making the most of your resources. (Especially human resources)
• Protecting you from job burnout and improving your job satisfaction. (The more tasks you get done, the better you feel)
• Getting more work done on time so that it boosts your self-confidence.
• Building trust and reputation in your career so that getting more projects.
• Work-life balance. (You would have enough time for your family, friends, and things you are dying to do them)
• Fewer efforts, more work, and less stress.
• Increasing efficiency.

time management and happy life

Barriers to effective time management:


Yes, it is a valuable technology. But if you don’t use it carefully, you may end up wasting your time. You should turn it on, on purpose. If you turn it on whenever you want, for sure you find something entertaining and wasting your time, before you know it.


We owe a great deal to Graham Bell because of the phone, but you should be careful about using it. You ought not to answer unnecessary calls during work hours, because it would distract you. You can say to the people who are valuable to you that they can get through to you at a specific time of the day. After finishing the tasks on your to-do list, you can call them back.

The Internet:

The internet is perhaps the most visible aspect of globalization. It converts the world into a global village. You can find anything on the internet. But, yes, unfortunately, there is a But: Facebook, Twitter, chat over the internet, and so on before you know it, may drive you to waste valuable time. The internet has enormous potential to distract us. I hope I could make myself understood.

Uninvited Guest:

You’d better tell everybody that when you can be a good host. If they come to visit you whenever they want, not only do you waste valuable time and destroy your schedule, but also you may not be a good host, and you may ruin your friendship.

Inability to say no:

If you don’t have this ability, come up with it. Interpersonal intelligence and understanding others’ feelings is a gifts, but you must at first consider your feelings. If you don’t care about your feelings, no one else would do this for you. “Never saying No” may cost you a lot.

Unsuccessful time management contributes to:

• Losing resources (besides time, which is the most valuable resource in your life)
• Work accumulation: You do not meet deadlines so you may feel overwhelmed.
• If you are a manager, you cannot keep an eye on employees: you do not have enough time for it.
• You will lose the new project because you cannot meet the deadlines.

In conclusion, take time management seriously because:

Time management is the secret of work-life balance.

Time management helps you to have a happy family because by managing your time, you can give them the most valuable gift in the world, I mean your time. When you spend time with people, in the dead you give them a part of your life so that they can find out how much you care about them.

Time management helps you develop your career.

Time management helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

time management and happy family

We have been using taskbrowse to manage our time for 17 years so we know how helpful it can be and we want you to have the same experience. Try it for free and let us know if you have any questions/concerns.

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