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Increase productivity and efficiency of employees by using a performance appraisal system

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Often the primary goal of organizations is optimizing the use of resources and achieving effectiveness and productivity, so understanding the factors affecting the performance of employees is essential. For example, the lack of a proper performance appraisal system is one of them. Read more:


Factors Affecting the Performance of Employees:

Factors Affecting the Performance of Employees:

Human Resources

Because organizational resources are used by employees, the relationship between organizational productivity and human resources is undeniable. The employee who has the knowledge and expertise can make the most of organizational resources.

Employee training

Staff training to increase their technical skills is nowadays recognized as one of the factors affecting organizational productivity all over the world. Training increases the needed skill set and helps in the development of an employee as well as the overall growth of the organization. According to Chinese scientists:

If your plan is for:

one year, plant rice.

ten years, plant trees.

one hundred years, educate people.”


Choosing and applying the proper technology as tools that perform the tasks are effective in increasing or decreasing productivity.

Encouraging and Rewarding employees

Employees should be rewarded appropriately for their performance. Managers are often unaware that even a small reward affects the performance of employees. For example: Imagine you missed a vacation with your family to do some work for your organization, and after finishing your job, your manager even did not bother himself to smile and nod his head. Will you get your tasks done just like past or get discouraged? As Mr. Ariely explained:

“Ignoring people’s performance is almost as bad as shredding it in front of their eyes.”

Even just a simple acknowledgment from the manager has a marked impact on the employees’ motivation.

Salary is indeed a significant factor in the performance of employees, but employees want to receive a variety of rewards for their performance. The reward can be many simple things like smiling, acknowledging, recognizing, nodding heads, and so on. It is up to managers to use the various rewards to promote performance in their organizations.

Employee Accountability in the Workplace

Accountability of the employees makes them do their tasks carefully. Lack of accountability ends in inefficiency.

Barriers to workplace productivity:

Poor management
Lack of proper performance appraisal system
Lack of motivation in the workplace

Lack of proper performance appraisal system is a Barrier to workplace productivity

Poor management

Poor management is one of the principal causes of low productivity in organizations. Lack of knowledge about the techniques of planning, organizing, human resource management, reward and punishment, motivation methods, and shortcoming of training courses lead to poor management and ultimately reduce efficiency.

Lack of proper performance appraisal system

Some goals of using employee appraisal systems are: Identifying employees’ weaknesses and holding training programs to improve them, motivating employees by rewarding and encouraging them rationally and fairly. Therefore, performance appraisal systems should measure employees’ performance. Having a proper appraisal system can be a factor in promoting work motivation.

Lack of motivation in the workplace

Increasing and improving productivity in the organization is directly related to the motivation of employees. Motivated employees can strive to achieve the organization’s goals, reduce costs, and use resources properly. Workplace Justice influences employee and organizational health, so using a performance appraisal system for fair payment seems necessary.

In summary, a performance appraisal is a regular review of an employee’s job performance. The principal purpose of this process is to recognize and reward powerful employees to motivate them. The information gained from evaluating staff performance can be used in human resource planning, recruitment, staff training, career path determination, salaries, and benefits, and identifying the talents of the staff. Therefore, using a performance appraisal system is necessary for any organization. taskbrowse is a useful performance appraisal system. You can use taskbrowse for free to see how it will make a difference in your organization.


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