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9 effective ways to improve teamwork

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Teamwork improvement is essential.

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success

Henry Ford

If you’re looking for how to improve teamwork in your organization, read the following teamwork tips.

teamwork tips 1) Set goals for Improving teamwork.

Without setting goals, you may end up losing your people. Employees leave companies that do not have a clear vision of their goals and the way to achieve them. If you do not hide information at the company, employees give some practical feedback and suggestions, which help to improve the company’s process.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championship titles.”

Michael Jordan
If you’re looking for how to improve teamwork in your organization, read the following teamwork tips.
If you’re looking for how to improve teamwork in your organization, read the following teamwork tips.

teamwork tips 2) psychological safety at the workplace

Amy Edmonson is one of Harvard’s professors who have studied teaming, psychological safety, and leadership, and her articles have been published in numerous academic and management outlets. She concluded by researching the medical teams:

  • many successful and talented teams made major mistakes during their careers.
  • The bottom line is that the people in these teams simply admit their mistakes, discuss the issue more than any other team, and make the best decision.
  • Psychological safety is a belief shared by team members that anyone can make mistakes.

Considering the following items can improve the psychological security of teams:

Lead the team with this slogan: “We will learn from our mistakes.”

Everyone may occasionally make mistakes. In this case, the team space should be such that this person can admit his / her mistake, and all team members help to solve it, if necessary.

Admit that even you may make a mistake.

Some simple statements like “I might forget some things, we need you to remind me” can encourage your teammates to talk.

teamwork tips 3) A successful team is a creature with a brain and thousands of hands.

A team fails unless the goals are clearly stated. Everyone on the team must be aware of what is expected of them and strive for it. As much as the team leader is expected to clarify the goals, people are likewise expected to address their problems so that the team will achieve its goals.

Have your teammates write down the tasks that will be accomplished on paper or in the task management apps and cross out each one when it’s done. This will lead to prioritizing activities, reducing wasted time, and identifying valuable activities.

teamwork tips 4) In teamwork, mutual trust between members is crucial.

When a group of people strives for common goals, they should consider trust as a commitment. Good communication, allowing team members:

  • to provide feedback,
  • motivate them,
  • giving feedback, and honesty can develop mutual trust between team members.

Consider these methods:

None of us is smarter than all of us

All teams face different challenges in their projects that need to be creative to find solutions. Successful teams have space where everyone feels free to express their opinions. It gives team members a sense of worth.

Honesty is the best policy.

Honesty and transparency are always prerequisites for trust. Hold regular meetings with all team members and talk about progress. Negotiate all the details of the project process with all team members and discuss with each other how to solve small problems.

Don’t feel the small successes or failures alone.

Everyone needs feedback and motivation to relieve anxiety. Talk to each team member about their work and explain to them how much their work will help them achieve team goals. In this way, they will interpret their contribution to the team’s success.

teamwork tips 5) Work commitment is the highest priority in successful teams.

Having committed people is essential to achieving important goals. Just as managers should encourage useful people in the team, anyone who slows things down should be aware of his low performance and strive to improve it.

teamwork tips 6) Everyone needs to feel important.

Everyone in the successful team knows that she is important and her role is irreplaceable for the team.

Constantly mention the dependency between tasks.

In meetings with all team members, explain the ongoing work, and ask people to talk about their work and even their small successes.

Encourage team members to help each other.

Helping each other and praising each other for your unique talents boost team morale and reduce jealousy.

teamwork tips 7) Use technology

The best way to enhance teamwork is the usage of a managerial tool. This kind of system lets managers determine the project team, assign project tasks to them easily, and track the way things are being done. Furthermore, it lets employees share documents, be recognized, know their contribution to the whole project, and communicate with their colleagues effectively. (Try taskbrowse for free)

teamwork tips 8) Improve staff communication

Most of the time, companies do not spend money or time on improving on-site staff communication, although this has an enormous impact on success. You may have the most talented people in the whole world, but without team cohesion, it is not possible to maintain an active team.


Companies must want their employees to share information, challenges, feedback, and almost all the matters which lead to clarifying the process. Managers should encourage sharing in the workplace.

Use technology

One of the key factors in enhancing communication is the usage of an organizational tool that enhances internal communication with instant messaging, online chat, and tasks and project management. In addition to saving money by decreasing the paperwork, these tools increase employees’ productivity. (Try taskbrowse for free)

Use a mobile application to interact

Mobile apps help employees stay connected to different projects and missions wherever they are, even while they are on the go.

teamwork tips 9) Improve working conditions

The work-from-home option allows employees to work in a more relaxed and stress-free environment, as well as reducing commute time, eliminating traffic, and improving responsiveness. Although most workplaces do not trust their employees to deliver their work at home, it has been statistically proven that home-based employees are happier and more productive than regular 4 to 7-hour employees.

Events and activities that encompass all aspects of a company encourage teamwork and collaboration.


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