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Do you need a solution to prevent distraction?

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For avoiding distraction at work, you should find its reasons.

prevent distraction

The main reason for distraction:

Reason for distraction 1: Boring tasks

When you are doing something boring, you would be distracted easily. Anything like a call or even a speck of dust on your table could distract you. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you must take a break and drink a cup of tea or help yourself with a tiny biscuit.

Reason for distraction 2: Annoying thoughts

If you are concerned about something, being focused will not be easy. Thinking about your children’s program or being angry about a job conflict, you cannot focus 100% on your job. These thoughts are the most important reasons for distraction. If you have this problem, write down these annoying thoughts and try to find solutions for them.

Reason for distraction 3: Multitasking

Imagine this picture:

Holding your child between your arms, when you are reading a book, at the same time, you are responding to your emails and making your grocery list.
If this picture is familiar to you, think again about this situation. Research has shown that focusing again after distracting takes time, so multitasking leads to wasting time rather than saving it. Forget multitasking and do one task at a time.

Stop multitasking to prevent distraction

Reason for distraction 4: Being hungry

The brain without having fuel cannot work properly, so always think about having meals and do not let hunger takes away your attention and concentration.

• Reason for distraction 5: Depression

Some people think depression and sadness are the same, whereas depression is a serious disease that causes specific signs, and it should be treated just like other diseases.

Reason for distraction 6: Stress and fatigue

Stress causes lots of problems, and distraction is one of them. When it makes impacts the body, things get worse. Impacts like stiff muscles, headaches, or increased heart rate can distract you easily. Fatigue can be a problem either. Researches show a shortage of enough sleep will affect concentration and short-long memory, so because of the work, never ignore enough sleep.

Tips for avoiding distraction at work

Have you ever experienced that at the end of the day, ask yourself where did my whole time go?

Maybe you started the day thinking about doing some specific tasks, but you could not because handling unimportant tasks stopped you from doing them. But if you let distraction prevent you, you will lose your job sooner or later. Keep reading to learn some tips for avoiding distraction:

solution to prevent distraction and time management

1. Make a To-Do List

What is the point of making a list, if you hide it under your stuff? You need to put it somewhere that you can see it all the time so that you remember your tasks whenever you want to answer the phone or turn on the computer.

(TaskBrowse will help you to make a to-do list. It also lets you schedule your day easily, and it enables you to stick to your plan. Try it for free.)

2. Close the door

Maybe I seem to have been a little against transparent management, but if you (as a manager) cannot focus on your tasks, there would be no company to manage. Do not let a monkey leaps from the back of your subordinate to yours. You have hired them for some good reasons, so let them show their strengths.

3. When somebody comes to your room, stand up.

By doing this, you will respect people, although it is not the only reason. You have to stand up to prevent people from sitting in your room and having a long conversation. In this way, they would be tired and leave your room once they finish their works with you.

4. Limit distraction

Do you check Facebook or Instagram every second? Do you answer calls all by yourself or have someone do it?
Try to find some specific time for doing this stuff to focus on your real tasks.

5. Find the reason for procrastination

Procrastinating a crucial task is more because of emotions rather than distractions. Maybe you think you do not have the required skill to do your essential task, or you may think you do not have enough information. For avoiding this, you need to write these kinds of reasons and think about them to find a solution.

6. Take small steps

You should use even the empty 15 minutes to get your big project done, do not wait to achieve some huge time to do it, it is impossible.

7. Organize your desk

Clean your workplace from everything which can distract you. If you’re ready to start a great project, get rid of anything that reminds you of other small things. The purpose of clean desktops is to avoid visually distracting.

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