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In the “Management” section by choosing “Manage Users”, you will be able to define a user. As shown below when you enable “Enter Password”, a password will be set for the user.

During defining a user, if you enter the user email, she must confirm her email, and set a password. As long as the user doesn’t set the password, her status will be Inactive. Also by clicking on Edit icon and selecting the “Activate user” status, you can activate the user account.

The following image shows some options such as Details, Edit user, Delete user, Edit permissions, change password, and User tasks. Let’s take a look at these options.

Edit user

This option allows you to edit a user’s profile, including changing the status of the user such as activate her account, lock or open it for a while. If the account is locked, the user cannot access the system. Moreover choosing a manager for each user is possible in this section.

Delete user

If a user has been assigned to a task or a project, she cannot be deleted from the system.

Edit permissions

Access to some parts of the system needs permission. Access to management, activities, reports, and timesheet, is provided separately in the system.

For more information about system permissions, see the permissions section.

Change password

Use this option to define a new password for each user.

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