In Time movie - Time management

IN Time

In Time movie and the importance of time management Maybe you have heard about In Time movie. I watched the In Time movie 6 years ago and when I wanted to write about the importance of time management, this movie came to my mind. If you… Read More »IN Time

Find your main rival

I have a friend, we have known each other for 10 years. She has always tried for my priorities. For example, when I wanted to be an engineer and changed my major she changed hers too. When I wanted to continue my education, she handed… Read More »Find your main rival

New features

Add 1 hour to deadline of a timesheet Edit tasks from the timesheet menu See the latest timesheet comment Add 1 hour to deadline of a timesheet If you have “Periods Management” permission, by clicking on the item which is shown in the following figure,… Read More »New features