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Why do you need a timesheet and time management system?

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Timesheet and time management system for managing staff performance

Managing employees without information about their performance is impossible. You cannot say a person who spends more time in the company has higher productivity.

Maybe you have experienced it:

Mr. X spends 12 hours or more at the organization, but you know that he wastes most of his hours by smoking or talking on the phone. Whereas Mrs. Y spends less time at the organization, you know that she always meets the deadline, and she does all of her tasks accurately.

Now, if you decide to pay them based on the hours that they have been at the organization, it is not fair at all. And if you pay Mrs. Y more than Mr. X, he would angrily come to your office as he thinks it is enough to sell the organization his time.

This moment and moments like this show that information is necessary. So you understand that for managing staff and increasing their performance, you need an appropriate solution.

Using a timesheet and time management system is maybe a beneficial solution. Keep reading to know this system and its features:

Why do you need a timesheet and time management system?

Timesheet and time management system for time management

timesheet and time management system for time management

Time management in the workplace does not mean that employees should work for more hours, but they should work more effectively and in line with organizational goals. It means by time management in the workplace, more work can be done in less time, and tasks can be done on time.

For time management in the workplace, these steps must be taken:

 List all the tasks (To-Do List)

Taskbrowse as a timesheet and time management system puts the assigned tasks in the tasks list, on the start date of those tasks, and when you approach the due dates, warns you.

Assign the necessary tasks to employees

This step is a challenge for most managers since they do not know which task should assign to who so that the task will be done perfectly, and also less time will be spent on it.

Estimate the needed time for each task

After determining tasks and their priorities and assigning them to employees, it is time to estimate how much time each task takes to be completed.

In the daily schedule of taskbrowse, you can estimate the time it takes to complete your tasks.

Record the real-time tasks on which you have spent time during the day.

By recording and tracking the time of the different tasks, after a while, you will have a clear vision that tells you your time used and spend on which tasks so that you can identify the time which has been spent on cheap tasks and assign them to higher priority activities. The timesheet menu of taskbrowse as a timesheet and time management system provides this possibility for you.

Analyzing recorded data.

By comparison of estimated time with real-time which has been spent on tasks, you can know your organization and your employees better, and realize which tasks need more time, and which ones can be done in a shorter time. These results can be used in planning the future and managing time ahead. In the reports menu of taskbrowse as a timesheet and time management system, you can analyze the recorded data perfectly.

Timesheet and time management system for project management

timesheet and time management system for Project management

Project management is the ability to plan, execute, and control the tasks of a team to achieve specific goals at a specific time. The main challenge of project management is achieving project goals within given constraints.

It is necessary for project planning to:

Have a precise definition of the project.

With the Project menu of taskbrowse, you can easily define projects and connect them to different clients and contracts.

Evaluate the skills needed for the project so you can get the right people.

After identifying people with different abilities, it’s time to assemble the project team. You can assign the project to different people using TIME.

Schedule tasks. 

List the team members and needed skills, and talk to each team member about their skills before assigning tasks. This approach will bring the team together. Using the Tasks menu of taskbrowse, you can break each project into different activities and assign them to the project team.


Determine the due date with taskbrowse as a timesheet and time management system for various activities, and reminding this date to the project team, to complete the projects within the determined deadlines.

To execute the project;

  • Using the Daily schedule menu of taskbrowse, make sure the project team members are working on the needed activities to move the project forward.
  • The timesheet menu allows project team members to record real-time spent on various activities along with explanations or if needed, related files, so you can plan for the road ahead using the timesheet reports. For example, by analyzing the recorded data, you can predict which project is on the drawback track and prevent it on time.

Control the tasks of the team members

  • Performance appraisal of employees

Using various reports of taskbrowse, you can see the spent time on the projects based on each employee and use it to appraise their performance.

  • Charts

Using data charts, you can explain the projects accurately to stakeholders and plan future projects perfectly.

Timesheet and time management system for measuring people efficiency

timesheet and time management system for Measuring people efficiency

The rudimentary purpose of evaluating employees’ performance is to provide feedback to employees regarding their abilities and competencies to motivate and increase productivity.

Correctly evaluating staff performance can produce these results:

  • Identify and improve employee strengths
  • Developing individual education and learning programs
  • Justify employee compensation systems

Time tracking is not just about registering time and timesheets. The data which gives us is so valuable for increasing productivity.

Using accurate time tracking tools:

You and your team can significantly increase your performance, motivation, and focus without extra effort.

How does tracking time increase employees’ productivity?

Using time tracking, you can:

  • Distribute the workload fairly.
  • See productivity barriers.
  • Focus on what’s important.
  • Use a given time productively.

Reports of taskbrowse as a timesheet and time management system

Using taskbrowse reports, you can evaluate the performance of team members.

Report Builder

If you need a special report that you can’t find in the Reports menu of taskbrowse, you’ll be able to build it using the Report Builder. You can create a custom report with just a few clicks.

Chart builder

If Taskbrowse‘s charts don’t satisfy your need, use this menu to build your own charts and dashboards. Chart Builder is available in the Reports section for users who are allowed to view all reports. 

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